5 Times That Companies Used Microsites to Supercharge Business Success

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Microsites are a uniquely powerful platform for exploring new opportunities and marketing specific content to a targeted audience of industry professionals. 

Innovative businesses are able to treat microsites as a wholly separate entity from their main website, focusing on a singular goal, product, service, brand segment or another marketing campaign. 

With a personalised Made in Microsite, you can capture visitors from the Made in Group homepage, utilise the search directory to contact relevant companies, capitalise on the vast array of external links to your unique digital space and much more. Browse Made in the Midlands range of membership plans today or get in touch for more info.

To inspire our members to create a unique microsite that fulfills business objectives and supercharges results, we have found 7 examples of times microsites were used in various industries throughout the business world to supercharge business success.


1. 33 Ways Printing is Changing the World | RS Components


RS Components supply a wide range of electrical products, engineering tools and more to leading manufacturers, however, they decided to use their microsite to focus on one specific aspect of the company: the success of their 3D printing service.

The result was an interactive and entertaining piece of content that showcased 33 ways 3D printing affects us. As users scroll down the page, they become aware of the ways that printing is impacting the world from the human body all the way to outer space. 

Despite this company offering a wide array of products and services, they decided to place all of their energy into focusing on one particular area of the company and used their microsite to engage with their target audience.


RS Components


2. TimeToGetIn.com | Porsche


This is the perfect example of a microsite’s ability to insert a narrative into the customer journey. The interactive experience offered here focuses on the idea that “Dr. Porsche couldn’t find the car of his dreams, so he built his own.”

Following on from this vision, users are able to scroll down the microsite and become familiar with Porsche’s core values of wanting to build the perfect car, whilst learning how they can turn “fantasy into reality” by doing this themselves.




3. YearInMusic.Spotify.com | Spotify


Perhaps the most well-known current microsite within popular culture, Spotify’s “celebration” of the music which users most frequently listened to throughout the year is an excellent example of the power of personalisation.

This personalised recap of customer’s listening habits incorporated many details, such as most played, top artists and how much time you spent listening. 

This microsite was so successful as not only was each experience unique to that user, but it also gave the opportunity to share own listening statistics on social media, thanks to a well-presented button at the bottom of the screen.




4. DangersofFracking.com | Linda Dong


As means of gaining support for the FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act), designer Linda Dong curated an aesthetically stunning microsite which educated visitors over the dangers of hydraulic fracturing.

As you scroll down the microsite, you follow a drop of water falling from the sky, as it lands on a truck and is taken to a fracturing sight, before being sent through a drilled pipeline underground. As part of this immersive experience, you are shown various facts and statistics regarding the alarming fracturing process.


Dangers of Fracking


5. NASA Spacecrafts | NASA


To help make their extensive research more accessible to the public, NASA crafted a uniquely engaging microsite which gives users a complete, interactive list of every spacecraft and satellite which has ever been launched by the independent agency.

This is the perfect example of how microsite can be used, not only as a marketing or networking tool, but also to engage with the public by providing them concise and captivating educational content regarding business affairs. 




Supercharge Business Results Today


Solely creating a “micro” version of your company homepage, which is refined to appeal more specifically to the Made in Group network and achieve your goals, is the most common strategy used by our members. 

However, the more temporal and easily changeable nature of microsites, compared to company homepages, make them a great platform for exploring new opportunities and advertising specific services to targeted audiences within a safe environment.

Made in the Midlands will work with you to create a bespoke, SEO-ready microsite that supercharges brand exposure throughout the manufacturing industry. Browse Made in the Midlands range of membership plans today or get in touch for more info.


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