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schedule20th Jun 18

Whether you’re working on the frontline of a manufacturing business or simply want to be plugged into what’s happening in the UK's fastest growing manufacturing membership network, then sign up now to our newest subscription offering and become a part of our expanding family.

The Made in the Midlands and Yorkshire (Made In) community is a unique collaboration of manufacturers and people with a wider interest in the sector. By joining, you can stay up to date on member news, events within the manufacturing community and important announcements helping to influence the industry.

The Made In group constitutes a network of 500+ members, spanning the entire manufacturing spectrum in the Midlands and Yorkshire. Our special portal allows members to upload news content to their own microsite, message other members and build their own web and microblogging site within the platform.

By joining our lively and engaged community of manufacturers you will not only be tapping into a unique knowledge base, but you will be helping us grow our community and in turn, help to restore Britain's industrial prosperity.

Signing up as a Freemium member gives you access to a user dashboard with the ability to follow members of Made In and subscribe and customise news alerts from our community.

With the launch of our Freemium package, we are looking beyond the scope of traditional membership to form relationships with our non-member audience.

Freemium users will also be able to unlock paid bronze membership options within the app and join as a full member. Premium memberships including silver, gold, and platinum require a membership advisor meeting and, membership applications are subject to approval from the membership committee.

Member applications are frequently rejected for the following reasons:

  • The business is located outside of the area and has no UK manufacturing capabilities
  • Is from a service sector business that does not predominantly have a manufacturing focus
  • The application is from a business too small to benefit from our offering

As with most trade associations 'Made In' has a large pool of non-members. They occasionally attend our non-member events, read our quarterly magazine (which is distributed to 6,000 businesses) and take an interest in the regional manufacturing sector. The traditional approach to that audience segment has been to prospect them for membership.

Jason Pitt, CEO of Made In, said: "In light of a tough Brexit period and GDPR it was clear we needed a strategy to continue to engage with these people for the benefit of our paying members but also and most importantly, the benefit of the regions and the UK.

“It is vital that organisations such as Made in the Midlands and Yorkshire have a platform from which to promote the importance of British industry. At a time when Britain faces historic pressures, this is no time to be silenced; 'Made In' needed a way of amplifying its members voices and the Freemium offer seemed to be a perfect solution.

“We decided that the traditional approach wasn’t going to work anymore. Therefore what we’re doing strategically with Made in the Midlands and Yorkshire is to separate the way we engage and grow our audience. Essentially we’re separating that from traditional membership.”

To join as a Freemium member please visit

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