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schedule12th Nov 13

Wolverhampton chartered accountants Copia Wealth & Tax have sponsored a seminar on how to
increase business and personal bank account balances at the Visualisation Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park.

The seminar featured guest speaker Steve Pipe FCA. Steve, a chartered accountant and
author, is one of the UK’s leading business speakers. His LinkedIn profile shows recommendations that rate him as “the most highly rated accountant in the world”. He is the author of three business books, all of which hold five star ratings on Amazon.

The seminar focused exclusively on proven ways to improve delegates’ business and personal
finances through integrating simple but entirely legal business and tax processes.

The seminar used as its basis a case study that demonstrated how one small business obtained £2.3 million to spend as they wished by using Steve Pipe’s methods. Steve then demonstrated to delegates how other businesses can get broadly similar results by using the same principles.

Steve used an illustration of a £20.00 being torn up to explain that the average business
owner has £20.00 stolen from them every 40 minutes by not using “business common sense”. He then promised to find an extra £50,000 for everyone in the room.

Steve went on to state his three golden rules to use in a recession – Cash is King; Cash is King, Cash is King. “Recession brings the need to up our focus”, said Steve. “People talk of having 25 years experience in running a business – very often, it’s one year’s experience repeated 25 times.”

He extolled the virtues of the Performance Measurement and Improvement (PMI) system – Get the facts; Measure the stuff that matters; Explore possibilities; Create an improvement plan; Test it, build on it and move the business forward.

At the end of the seminar Steve encouraged everyone to estimate what impact the concepts he
had introduced might have on their businesses. The audience replied with figures ranging from £200k to £8m. A delegate from a leading high street bank confirmed that using PMI makes a bank lending proposition much more viable as it allows a business owner to provide credible numbers and evidence of business confidence to any bank to support their request.
The event closed with networking and a buffet.

Shaun Philpott FCA, business development manager at Copia Wealth & Tax, says, “This seminar was the first of its kind we’ve hosted. Steve Pipe is an extremely entertaining speaker, the knowledge and experience he imparted was first class and the feedback has been excellent. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer our clients and guests the very best in help and assistance for all their tax and profit improvement requirements.

Pic: L to R Mark Evans, managing director, Shaun Philpott, business development manager, Copia Wealth & Tax; with speaker Steve Pipe

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