Erodex celebrates in style


To supply products of the highest quality allied to first class service remains Erodex’s policy, proving how standards and sincerity stand the test of time.

“After 40 years of trading, we have again finished the year on record turnover” states Steve Rolinson, Erodex Sales Director.

“Erodex started selling graphite for the EDM industry and gradually diversified into many industries wherever the unique properties of carbon or graphite can be advantageous.” After 40 years of progress, the company’s vision has expanded too, with Erodex opening major expansions to its machine shop, to facilitate the company’s growth and ambitions.

“Erodex’s specialist carbon and graphite machine shop has been a class-leading state of the art facility for many years – these expansions have improved the scope of our capability even further.” says Steve.

“While Erodex is heavily involved in many industries, our unique skillset and involvement with the Aerospace Sector has helped drive our technological advances - together with those of BWP, our jig and fixture design and build company that has its own 40 years of aerospace experience.”

“Obviously, the success of the UK aerospace industry has helped Erodex achieve a record year. With new long term contracts in place we fully expect to see continuing increases in business. With this confidence in mind, we’ve recently purchased new production equipment, employed more design engineers and new production personnel.”

Hiring new staff is a natural evolution for a firm that started as a family business and remains that way to this day. Now, the second generation of the Rolinson family are the owners and directors, which they believe is part of the reason behind 40 years of continual growth.

“Decisions can be made to purchase new equipment or employ people very quickly compared to our competition.” explains John Rolinson, who heads up the machine shop as Production Director. Indeed, making fast, educated, informed choices has given Erodex a huge advantage as the firm’s development has continued.

There are other opportunities delivering success of course. Erodex have been the sole UK distributer of Poco graphite for the last half decade, with associated kudos; Poco graphite is synonymous with high end quality for several of the industries Erodex is involved with.

“Two years ago, we diversified into the heat treatment industries, which has contributed to the record turnover.” Steve continues. “Many of these materials, including carbon fibres, are supplied and manufactured by SGL of Germany, again a name famous for top quality graphite and carbon products.”

“So a state of the art machine shop allied to a world leading choice of graphites and carbons, and supported by a technically excellent sales team is proving to be a recipe for success. We sincerely hope we can remain the number one choice in the UK for carbon and graphite products for the next 40 years.”

Of course, none of this is possible without a loyal customer base and the unwavering support of local industry. “We must end with a huge thank you to all of our customers, some of whom have been with us since Day One. Without these loyal customers it would be a different story.” Steve reveals.

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