Exclusive offer for MIM Members - Digital video content for your business

By Made in the Midlands News
schedule29th Oct 13

If you came to the 'Made In The Midlands' Awards 2013 last week you would have noticed that the presentation material used throughout was dynamically brought to life through digital film media - courtesy of a partnership between Made In the Midlands and RGA Media Services.

In a hugely competitive market and with the ever increasing use and massive impact of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, the need for high quality on-line video content as opposed to text and images has never been greater or moreover expected.

Once the preserve of blue chip companies with huge marketing budgets, film and video has now become eminently affordable and the opportunity to reach a wider marketplace has never been better.

As the digital film partner of 'MIM' and in response to demands by leading manufacturers and business, RGA Media Services have focused on creating new ways to produce engaging promotional videos for websites, presentations and more.

They have also built a price package exclusively for Made In The Midlands members incorporating a 20% discount on newly commissioned films.

For further information and a film and social media consultation exclusive to MITM members please contact Charles Symons on 07837 525 288 or visit our website www.rgamediaservices.co.uk You may have also seen our R:Evolution flyer in the sponsor pack.

Alternatively please call Matt Eccles at MIM on 01902 255060 and he will forward your details.

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