Gestamp is the 300th member to join Made in the Midlands


Made in the Midlands are delighted to welcome our 300th member Gestamp, who are leaders in the design and manufacture of automotive components and are one of the major manufacturers in the automotive industry worldwide.

Gestamp is a true leader in their sector and it’s easy to see why. Their commitment to the future of manufacturing is shown through their investments in; research and development, new technology and also the next generation. Gestamp employ around 32,000 employees globally across 120 sites, seven of which are in the UK.

They are an international group dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of metal automotive components. The Group specializes in developing innovative products to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles, thereby reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

The company believe in a long-term project based on honesty, hard work, the building of trusting relationships with their stakeholders and the respect for the different environments in which they operate. Gestamp’s vision is: “To be the most renowned automotive supplier for our ability to adapt our business to create value for the customer, while maintaining sustainable economic and social development.”

Ian Middleton, UK Chairman & Country Manager stated: “Gestamp looks forward to working with MIM to further develop the skills and resources within the Midlands, to ensure we have sufficient capability to deliver the world class requirements of a very progressive and competitive global Automotive market.”

By joining Made in the Midlands, Gestamp are exhibiting their continual support to the UK supply chain and UK manufacturing. Gestamp will be an integral part of our group and we are delighted to welcome them to our peer group.

Made in the Midlands Chief Executive, Jason Pitt: “We are delighted to have Gestamp on board, as they continue to research, develop and innovate within their sector. It is our pleasure to welcome Gestamp as the 300th member to Made in the Midlands and we are looking forward to seeing them exhibit at this year’s exhibition which will be the greatest one we have hosted to date.”

Gestamp will be exhibiting at the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition in May at the GTG Training centre in West Midlands. The Exhibition will bring together the very best of Midlands manufacturing and engineering services from across a variety of sectors. Gestamp will be displaying their services to the automotive industry with the intention of collaborating and working alongside other MIM members.

This will be their first Made in the Midlands Exhibition, as Middleton concluded: “We are looking forward to the upcoming exhibition to be able to showcase what a global company like Gestamp can offer to potential customers and suppliers, whilst at the same time demonstrating some of the career opportunities that could be available within the automotive engineering sector at Gestamp.

“These opportunities range from full technical apprenticeships, thought to professional manufacturing, quality and engineering careers with potential to move upwards within the Gestamp world into management positions within both the UK and around the world.”