Made in Group kick off new Mastermind feature

By Made in the Midlands News
schedule14th Apr 20

The Made in Group held their first Mastermind session today where members gathered to discuss current challenges and how the sector could overcome them. Today’s discussion saw numerous members talk about employment, the automotive industry, cash flow, the ventilator challenge and how the sector can restart after the current pandemic is over. 

Over the next few months, The Made in Group will hold 8 Masterminds sessions to be held every fortnight. This will see members come together to discuss current issues within the industry and how we can tackle these problems. Each session will see the group discuss 2 challenges within the industry along with brainstorming how they can be changed. 

Today’s session included a number of members across the Made in Group, all of who are decision-makers within their businesses. The members included: Nick Godfrey from Central Scanning, Shaun Heys from Rocol, Susan Marlow from Minster-Micro Computers, Paul Clark from Atlas Copco, Stephen Hemming from Liberty Pressings, Claire Robinson from Wrekin Sheet Metal, Charles Boneham from Boneham & Turner, Edward James from Citizen Machinery, Kylash Makenji from WMG, Andrew Eastwood from Carrs Toolsteel and Garth Christie from Hazel 4D 

Though many points were raised throughout the discussion the general focus was how the industry can recover after the current circumstances and how businesses may need to change as a result of this. 

Nick Godfrey, Managing Director of Central Scanning, said:

“The main point I took away from today’s discussion is that many manufacturers and like-minded businesses have the same issues as we do. It was great to understand how other people, who work within the same sectors as us, are dealing with this.”

“Another point I took away was to get more of our employees involved to add to collective intelligence.” 

Stephen Hemming, Managing Director at Liberty Pressings, said: 

“As we have been in this isolation period for a few weeks now, it was great to talk to others about the current issues we are having.” 

“I think today focused on listening to other perspectives and sharing information on different issues. It was a brilliant first step.” 

To find out more about how the masterminds work, what we need from you and how you can join, click here to fill in the form to see if you are eligible. 

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