Made in the Midlands welcomes new members

Uncategorized New members to the Made in the Midlands were welcomed into the network at a special induction meeting at the organisation’s home base in Birmingham.

The companies were welcomed by MIM chief executive Jason Pitt, who went on to outline the organisation’s growth plans and how being a member of the network can be beneficial to a business.

New members attending the event at iCentrum were: LineView Solutions, Temple QMS, Indasol, De-Met Ltd, Recycling Management, Direct Air, Adey Steel, Gotronic, Toorak Packaging, Minster Micro Computers, Lawday Engineering, Exsel Dytecna, Sharmic Engineering, Sims Metal Management, Citizen Machinery, Gleeson Recruitment, Banelec and Norton Fluid Power.

Outgoing MIM President Chris Greenough, of Salop Design and Engineering, and former Executive Council member Dave Lindsey - both senior members of the organisation - offered the new members the benefit of their advice on how to make the best of the network.

Chris said: “We joined MIM in 2012 and at the time we had just installed a new powder coating line and we wanted to advertise it.

“We had never joined a network before but we tried it and it exceeded our expectations.

“My advice would be to make sure that you engage with the membership, particularly through the regular networking events.”

He said that as a result of Salop’s membership, the company had won new work and secured new connections.

“MIM has helped us to raise our profile to a level we would otherwise not have been able to achieve - and certainly could not have obtained from anywhere else,” added Chris.

“On a personal note, my own profile has increased considerably and I have been featured on television and in the national press, as well as been able to speak to politicians in both Westminster and Brussels.

Dave Lindsey, Managing Director, Laser Process, said: “I was a long standing member of my local Chamber of Commerce, even serving a President but I gave it up because the organisation was doing nothing for manufacturers. Frankly it was a total waste of time.

“MIM is different. It’s set up by manufacturers, for manufacturers and therefore understands the issues facing its members and will provide appropriate support for them.

“But while MIM does a lot, it can’t do everything. It is up to the members to participate and to take action and if they do, then they will achieve positive results.”

Another to attend the event was James Worthington, Managing Director of My Workwear - and a Patron of Made in the Midlands, was another to attend the event.

He said: “At my first meeting I was simply blown away by how many manufacturers were in the room. To be with so many key decision makers is a great thing.

“We were so impressed by the organisation that we became Patron members. It’s been great because we are able to talk to so many people and they help to solve a lot of our problems.”

Those attending the event were: Ruth Westwood of Walsall College, Andrew Langford of LineView, Ian Kelly and Stuart Watts, both of Recycling Management, Emma and Allan Dolby, both of Direct Air and Pipework, David Taylor of Adey Steel, James Mansell of Gotronic, Jaz Tanwar of Temple QMS, Marti Sadler of Indasol, Robin and Nick Hancock of Toorak Packaging, Paul Taylor of Minster Micro Computers, Graham Hughes of Lawday Engineering, Steve Ashley of Exsel Dytecna, Sharon Edwards of Sharmic Engineering, Robert Price of Sims Metal Management, Phil Groom and Keith Lockett, both of De-Met, John Hart of Citizen Machinery, Paul Strachan and Phil Birch, both of Gleeson Recruitment, Phil Taylor of Banelec and Peter Andrews of Norton Fluid Power.