Mechatronic Solutions commemorate 25th anniversary

Uncategorized Mechatronic Solutions, who is the UK’s leading provider of innovative automation products to the manufacturing industry, commemorated their 25th anniversary with a celebration event attended by customers, suppliers and employees past and present.

Based in Birmingham, Mechatronic develops a range of automated processes that combine production, mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering to deliver improvements in quality, cost and speed to manufacturers. Initially working within the automotive industry, the company has expanded rapidly despite the recession and in recent years has diversified to work with the aerospace, food and drink, medical, pharmaceutical and business equipment sectors as well.

Birmingham City Councillor Peter Griffiths, who was a guest at the event, praised Mechatronic on their success within so many sectors. He said: “It’s fantastic seeing a born and bred Birmingham business supplying market leaders and recognised names in manufacturing with such innovative solutions. I would be delighted to support Mechatronic in their desire for future growth as I believe it will provide more skilled jobs for local people.  I look forward to working closely with them in the future.”  

Guests at the anniversary event, including Richard Burden, Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield and representatives of local schools and colleges, were treated to a guided tour of the shop floor to see how Mechatronic has gained its reputation for expert design and engineering. The Concept Kaizen Workshop was of particular interest. The Workshop enables full-scale models of complex prototypes to be built, allowing right first time realisation of specifications and a greater opportunity for customer involvement in the process. This means potential issues and safety risks can be identified and addressed prior to production, resulting in quicker builds, reduced costs and less wastage. 

Richard Burden MP said: “I’m hugely impressed with what Mechatronic is doing here. They add real value to both the business community and this part of Birmingham.  Mechatronic demonstrates a huge depth and breadth of innovation and skills and I’m particularly impressed with their approach, which is built on fostering long term relationships with both customers and suppliers – or as they call it, ‘organic gardening’.”

As well as the tour there were demonstrations throughout the day from suppliers including Fanuc, Staubli and Omron, who were given a designated area of the shop floor to showcase the latest innovations in robotics technology. 

Mechatronic’s Managing Director Richard Evans presented engraved glass tankards to all the employees and thanked them for their hard work and commitment to the company. Of the event, he said: “I’m delighted. It’s been a huge success which has exceeded all our expectations.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to showcase our services and network with so many of our suppliers and customers and also to have the opportunity to stand back and reflect on the past and future.  I’m looking forward to expanding Mechatronic in the future through growing our customer base and further developing our solutions to meet market demands for innovation, quality, traceability and productivity.”

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