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   Takeaway Tips to Boost Your Microsite:
  • Insert a clear banner image featuring company logo
  • Link to all (active) social channels
  • Use consistent, professional headshots in “Team” section
  • Upload articles every 4-8 weeks (minimum)
  • Showcase testimonials from industry professionals
  • Use unique content
  • Reach out to the Made in Group team for help!


Personalised social media microsites are an excellent means of advertising your business, posting recent news and boosting brand awareness. With a social media microsite, you can capture visitors from the Made in the Midlands homepage, utilise the search directory to contact relevant companies, capitalise on the vast array of external links to your unique digital space and much more.

A microsite can be most easily defined as a branded webpage that exists outside of your company’s homepage and brand URL. Through the use of a social media microsite, Made in the Midlands members are able to reap the benefits of a self-contained website with their own personalised URL.

Thanks to the easy to follow user admin dashboard, members are able to populate their own space on site in any way they please. Depending on your overall brand strategy, there are many ways in which you may wish to cultivate your microsite. 

Keep reading to discover the top 5 Made in the Midlands social media microsites which have caught our eye.

1. Direct Air

These leading suppliers of air compressors are leading the line when it comes to having a social media microsite which ticks all of the major boxes. Featuring a bold banner image including the company logo, a concise and well-written “About Us” section, strong testimonials and consistent headshots within the “Meet the Team” section, their truly is an air of directness and quality to this microsite. 

Direct Air

2. EMKA (UK) Ltd

The world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealings’ social media microsite is a fitting exhibition of toughness, holding a perfect score of 100% for profile strength. EMKA (UK) Ltd have impressively managed to comply with all aspects of the profile strength calculator, through regularly using their account, frequently posting news articles and filling in all of the necessary information regarding their business nature.


3. Portakabin 

These modular building and offsite construction innovators are an exemplary case study to focus on the self-promotion benefits of a social media microsite. Portakabin has taken advantage of the ability to freely move the different sections of the microsite by putting testimonials at the very top of their page, showcasing a number of strong endorsements from industry specialists. Portakabin has also utilised their digital platform’s self-promotion capabilities through making their regularly updated Twitter feed a major part of the page.


4. ActOn Finishing

The ability to promote news content throughout the manufacturing community is one of the major benefits of having a social media microsite. All news which is posted by members to the site will be added to our weekly newsletter and also shared with over 20,000 followers on social media. 

The UK's leading expert in designing and developing the state-of-the art machinery and finishing solutions, ActOn Finishing, have taken advantage of these wide-reaching benefits by regularly championing recent business success stories. It is worth bearing in mind that the best bits of news are shared within our quarterly magazine publication to 11,500 people across The Midlands and Yorkshire.

ActOn Finishing

5. Hayley Group Limited 

The Made in the Midlands social microsite offers the perfect platform to connect with hundreds of members and visitors, facilitating many networking, sales and brand exposure opportunities. Whilst numbers are not necessarily the be-all and end-all to a microsite’s success, Hayley Group Limited deserve particular credit for having cultivated the most viewed microsite throughout the Made in the Midlands group. 

Alongside being a platinum member, much of the market leading engineering inventory supplier’s digital success can be credited to their striking banner heading, relevant YouTube video and well-incorporated social links.

Supercharge Your Microsite Today

Firstly, congratulations to all of our members who have made this list of the top 5 social media microsites! We based our criteria on a variety of factors, as means of highlighting the different ways in which members could make the most of the digital platform's limitless potential.

Solely creating a “micro” version of your company homepage, which is refined to appeal more specifically to the Made in the Midlands network and achieve your membership goals, is perhaps the most common strategy seen here. However, microsites more broadly are often used as a means of promoting new products and experimenting with rebranding. This is because the more temporal and easily changeable nature of microsites, compared to a company homepages, make them a great platform for exploring new opportunities within a safe environment.

Regardless of which strategy you take, there are certain fundamentals which members should strive towards. Using unique copy, inserting clear images which promote your business logo and linking to all relevant social channels are some of the fundamentals which members should be building their microsite from.

For more help with making the most of Made in the Midlands's innovative web platform and boosting visibility through your personalised social media microsite, please get in touch with our digital team today.

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