What Can Manufacturing Companies Gain From a Digital Presence?

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schedule30th Mar 20

In light of current events, a large proportion of the nation’s business operations are going digital. 

Despite coming more abruptly than many expected, remote working is not a reality that is likely to go away too soon, with many people even predicting that Covid-19 could cause a permanent shift towards remote working throughout the UK.

However, for many manufacturing companies, the prospect of implementing digital marketing may seem anywhere between intimidating and a waste of time. Keep reading to discover where this rigid attitude comes from and what manufacturers truly have to gain from digital marketing. 


A Loathe-Hate Relationship


Let’s be frank; many manufacturing firms have historically disregarded digital strategy from being a priority to business operations.

This mindset is heightened further due to many long-established manufacturing companies having been successful for decades without the aid of digital manufacturing. Statistics show that manufacturing companies spend approximately 3.2% of turnover on marketing activity, compared with a far higher industry-wide average of 11.3%.

Many manufacturing firms have continued to thrive, or at least survive, with their predominantly pre-digital strategy. However, the benefits of digital marketing are far more wide-reaching than the direct sales of today and tomorrow.




What Got You Here, May Not Get You There

With such a large proportion of the industry failing or even refusing to implement a successful digital strategy, does this leave the door open for new, forward-thinking and proactive firms to take over in the not-so-distant future?

A commitment to digital marketing appears to be fast becoming a vital part of your brand company’s overarching brand strategy. A recent study found that internet sales accounted for 11.5% of B2B sales, which is predicted to climb as high as 13.1% in the next 2 years

The Acquity Group State of B2B Procurement study also found that 94% of B2B buyers always conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product. When looking to invest in a new product, what do you judge when looking online?


Lean Manufacturers vs Digital Marketers 


The reality is, the ROI for digital marketing can be more complex and harder to measure than gross profit. This can understandably feel like something resembling “smoke and mirrors” to an industry which thrives off the concept of lean manufacturing.

However, as B2B sales move increasingly online and the next generation of manufacturers come through, the prospect of the manufacturer with the astonishing website and the garden shed being blindly chosen over the one with a multi-million-pound factory but an inactive LinkedIn account, starts to move closer to possible than it does absurd. This becomes a potential concern, not only for the bottom line of established manufacturing firms in coming years, but also for the overall quality of service throughout the sector.

Whilst many companies are still thriving off their predominantly pre-digital strategy, there are certain ways in which firms should begin preparing for the next generation of manufacturing competition within the digital age.


Money and Laptop


An Accessible Solution


Whilst all successful manufacturing firms will eventually be forced to adapt their lack of knowledge on digital marketing – combined with their reluctance to change – provides your company with a fantastic opportunity.

A Digital Membership will give you maximum online industry exposure throughout the region. You will be given the unique opportunity to produce professional content to a tailored group of manufacturing professionals and champion your success stories through a genuine high traffic medium.

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