Work place happiness report reveals West Midlands workers the happiest

By Made in the Midlands News
schedule9th Oct 19

10th October marks World Mental Health Day, and whilst mental health can affect anyone any day of the year, it also allows us to celebrate good mental health. A recent report from Engaging Works reveals 87% who took the survey and work in West Midlands are most happy. This is proven through Made in members tackling mental health issues at work.

The report from Engaging Works, created to bring out the potential in happier employees improving businesses, also revealed that 77% of workers in East Anglia and 79% of workers in York are also the happiest. 

Other statistics show that the UK is the 8th happiest country, with 58% of people happy at work. However, this means that 42% of people are unhappy at work, with other figures showing 37% of the global workforce feel depressed or anxious at work. 

Made in the Midlands members Illston and Robson, based in Birmingham,  are one of many companies trying to tackle the issue of poor mental health in the work-place by supplying mental health first aid training to staff. The mentioned training allows staff recognise warning signs of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Claire Reid, Office Manager at  Illston and Robson, was one of the members of staff who attended the training. She said:

“We appreciate the fact that mental health at work is very important, and can affect anyone. Therefore we wanted to offer this support to our staff”

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